Why do I need to transfer a firearm?

Certain transactions involving firearms, including most that send a firearm across state lines, must be handled through a Federally-licensed firearms dealer.  These dealers are common referred to as "FFLs".

How do I transfer my purchase?

1.) Find a seller of the firearm that you want.  

     -  Firearms auction sites, such as Gunbroker and Guns America, have a large number of firearms for sale.

     -  You may choose to use sites such as these when a local stocking dealer does not have the firearm you want, or when the price is low enough that it is still better than the local price, even when considering shipping costs and transfer fees.

     -  Or, you may have received a firearm as a gift from a relative out of state.  Regardless, the receiving party must be a Federally-licensed dealer.  

2.) Contact us to determine if we can assist you with your transfer.

3.) Work out all details of the transaction with the seller.

     -  This includes price, shipping terms, and payment method, with the seller of the firearm.  In addition, ask about the condition of the firearm, and what accessories are included.

4.) Contact us and let us know that the transaction with the seller is complete. 

5.) We will provide a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL) to the seller. 

6.) The seller will then ship the firearm to us. 

7.) We will notify you when the firearm has arrived.

8.) Complete the necessary paperwork.

     -  Meet us at our business location, where you will complete ATF Form 4473 (the "Yellow Form") and we will determine through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) if we are allowed to transfer the firearm to you.  If we receive authorization to transfer the firearm, we will.  (Buyers who are in possession of a valid Georgia Firearms License are not subject to the NICS check.)  

NOTE: Go to our "Policies" page before contacting us.  We are glad to have your business, but if you are prohibited from purchasing a firearm, WE CANNOT HELP YOU. 

9.) Pay our transfer fee, which is $20.00.  We gladly accept cash or USPS money orders.  (Public Safety and Military personnel fees are reduced - contact us for details.)

* While there are several steps involved in the process, it is still relatively simple.  A few minutes of your time can allow you to find that much sought-after gun at a great price.

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